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FAQ: frequently asked questions

Here is a list of our answers to the questions frequently asked by our customers.
FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can deliveries be offset against Invalid insurance?

If you already have a corresponding decree from the disability insurance fund, we will be happy to take care of the corresponding administrative work for you.
If you do not yet have a corresponding decree, we will be happy to help you.

Do you have experience with alopecia?

We have some clients with alopecia.

Do you have experience with alopecia?

We have some clients with alopecia.

Can I receive a viewing item?

We never deliver consignments on approval or selection.

Can you settle directly with the AHV / IV?

Yes, if you already have the corresponding cost approval. Otherwise, we will be happy to help you with the relevant forms.

Can I go bathing in a wig?

In principle, yes. However, the wig must hold well on your head, and possibly be additionally fixed.
However, it is recommended to wash the wig after each contact with salt or chlorinated water.

Can I style a wig with a brush?

Wigs with straight hair can be brushed carefully. You should always use a brush without sharp bristles.
Wigs with wavy hair should not be brushed, but only shaken out.

What are Carnival wigs?

Carnival wigs are effective wigs that are produced cheaply and are not expected to last long.

Can you send me a catalogue?

We do not send out any catalogues or documents on our range of wigs, these web pages are for your orientation.
However, the web pages are coded in such a way that a printout in A4 format in portrait or landscape will produce a good print result.

Do I have warm under a wig?

The lighter a wig is, the less warm it gives.
High-quality wigs are very light and do not give more warmth than your own hair.

Purchase Barberia Hair from private individuals?

No, we do not buy hair. We only buy hair from specialised suppliers.
Very likely, at least in Switzerland, you will hardly find anyone who will buy your hair from you.

Are real hair wigs better?

Human hair wigs require more care and are heavier in weight than synthetic hair wigs.

Are artificial hair wigs inferior in quality to human hair wigs?

Newer synthetic wigs are usually superior in quality to human hair wigs. Synthetic hair wigs are easier to care for and weigh less, which makes them more comfortable to wear.

I am going to have chemotherapy, when should I buy a wig?

Your doctor will tell you if you will lose your hair. It is advantageous for you if you choose and try on a wig before the therapy. This way we can find the most suitable model for you.

Can I colour my wig?

Human hair wigs can be dyed, but synthetic wigs never can.
It can be difficult to change the colour of human hair wigs because all hair is pre-treated. Therefore, colour changes should be avoided.

Can reorders also be made on models that are no longer available?

In principle, repeat orders could be placed for all models ever delivered.
If a model is still available, but no longer in the colour already delivered, this is quite possible. However, it should be borne in mind that models are mainly no longer available because better qualities are now common.
The delivery time for this is about two months and at least three models should be obtained at the same time.

Can wigs be stored well?

Wigs can be stored at room temperature and normal humidity for almost any length of time.

How do I find the right hair colour for my wig?

The right colour can hardly be determined on the screen and with photos.
If you dye your hair, the colour designation of the hair colour also helps.

Can I cut my wig?

In principle, yes, but we recommend not doing this if possible, because the wigs are tailored to a specific hairstyle.
Forehead fringes, however, are always produced a little longer and usually need to be cut a little.

How long is the delivery time for orders?

Wigs that are in stock with us can be delivered immediately.
Wigs that are in stock with our suppliers, the delivery time takes about 5 - 10 working days.
Wigs that are not in stock with our suppliers, the delivery time can be up to eight weeks.
Postal delivery in Switzerland takes about 3 working days, to neighbouring countries about 5 - 10 working days.

Can my wig shift?

A well-fitting wig does not slip!

What is meant by second hair?

This is another term for wigs / toupees.

Why is there such a big price difference between the different wig models?

Zum einen ist der Preisunterschied mit den verschiedenen Qualitäten und dem Verarbeitungsaufwand verbunden. Langhaarperückenmodelle sind meistens teurer.
Zum anderen resultiert der Preisunterschied aber auch aus der Aktualität und der Besonderheit eines Modells, sowie der daraus resultierenden Anzahl der jeweils gefertigten Modelle.
Eigentliche Karneval-Perücken führen wir nicht.
Perücken die Sie täglich tragen möchten, erhalten Sie bereits ab etwa 400.- CHF und top gearbeitete mit Monofilament ab 600.- CHF.

How long is the durability of a wig?

It is like a silk blouse, with good care it will last for years!
If the necessary attention is paid to the care of the wig, it will certainly last for two years, after which signs of wear will appear. Older wigs, however, will still serve for a long time as a second wig or reserve.
Short-haired wigs can be worn longer than long-haired wigs. Long-haired wigs are clearly subject to greater wear and tear. Just as your own long hairstyle requires more maintenance than a short hairstyle.
If you are dependent on a wig, we recommend using at least two wigs alternately. This way, one wig can be washed and dried while you wear the other. This increases the life span of the wigs massively. In addition, it gives you personal security when you have a second wig to fall back on.

Can I exchange my wig?

No, wigs and hairpieces cannot be exchanged.
If you are still unsure before making your purchase decision, we will gladly reserve the model for you for one week.

Can you send me colour samples?

Unfortunately no.

How is the disposal of wigs done?

Wigs can easily be disposed of with household waste.

What is hair thickening?

Technically almost the same as hair extensions, but with the aim of obtaining more hair volume.

If the packages provided with a sender?

As the parcels are sent registered, a sender must be indicated.
However, the parcels are in neutral packaging.

Can I get a wig against invoice?

We only deliver against prepayment.
Only existing customers are supplied against invoice, although we reserve the right to do so.
We accept: Prepayment, American Express, Mastercard, PayPal and Visa.

What are fancy wigs?

Fancy wigs are always good quality wigs, but because of their conspicuousness they are clearly recognised as wigs.

How do I get AHV / IV forms?

You can obtain this under:
Registration for AHV aids
Registration for adults: IV aids

Do you give a guarantee on the wigs?

Yes, to the flawless delivery of the products. But not to natural wear and tear or improper use.

I already have a cost allowance from the IV / AHV. Does this mean I already receive a wig?

Yes, send us a copy of your cost approval, we will take care of the administration for you.

What is a high-tech fibre?

The high-tech fibre is a very natural looking hair. It is heat resistant and also allows blow-drying and individual styling.

What are the colour specifications?

We would like to show you the exact colour of all wigs. Unfortunately, this is hardly possible. The hair shine, the colour nuances and the play of colours in the light cannot be convincingly represented.
The numbers indicate the basic colours. If several numbers are combined, the colours are mixed. The type of mixture is indicated with letters.
S, P, L, N, G: colour rings
G, GD, T, M: natural mellow base / lighter tips
GT, GM, GL: strands light / dark
S, N: chargéed top of the head with the next lighter shade
R, L, LR, GMG, GMJ, TR, C: shades iridescent / composition colours

What does Lace Front mean?

The Lace Front is a film attachment, a very light gauze at the base of the wigs' foreheads. This allows wigs to be worn without a brow.

Can I use hairspray?

Normal hairspray can bond with the synthetic hair in such a way that it can no longer be removed. Only use hairspray specially made for wigs.

How often do I have to wash a wig?

A wig gets as dusty as your own hair, only the greasing of the wig is reduced compared to your own hair.
Consequently, wash your wig as needed.

Do we receive their delivery abroad as well?

We deliver to all European countries.
Please note that your country's customs will charge VAT.

Is it possible to get a wig in rental?

No, we do not lend out wigs as a matter of principle.

Are other wig brands also deliverable?

Besides the wig brands listed on our websites, we can get you a few more brands.

Do you make mass wigs?

We don't make made-to-measure wigs.
It's like dresses, ready-to-wear to made-to-measure.

Can I swim with a wig?

In principle, yes. However, the wig should then be attached to the head.
However, chlorine and salt water damage the wig. Therefore, the wig must always be washed out well after swimming.
It is recommended to use an older wig for swimming.

Can I also wear a wig at night?

In principle, yes. However, there is a risk of slipping. In addition, tangles form, especially with longer hair.

Do you deliver against partial payment?

We only deliver after full payment has been received.
However, we accept various debit and credit cards.

Can I also pay in instalments?

We always deliver only after receipt of payment in full.
We are happy to accept all major debit and credit cards.

Can rain harm the wig?

A light rain never harms a wig.
If you have been caught in heavy rain, it is best to let the wig dry itself on a wig stand. Do not use a hair dryer!

Can special designs also be ordered?

In principle, yes, but we advise you against it. Because whether what you want will really look the way you imagined is open to question. In addition, the delivery time for custom-made wigs is about two months and for price reasons you should order at least three identical wigs.

Are prospectuses available?

We do not send out any brochures or documents on our range of wigs, these web pages are for your orientation.
However, the web pages are coded in such a way that a printout in A4 portrait format will produce a good print result.

What amount of wigs do I need for daily use?

If you wear wigs every day, you should have at least three wigs.
Use two wigs alternately and a third one as a reserve.

Is a discount possible?

Discounts are not possible on all prices shown. For more than one model in the same colour, please contact us.

Is a return of wigs possible?

As a matter of principle, we do not take back wigs and hairpieces, even if they have never been worn.
We only buy wigs from our suppliers.

Can I make a reservation on a wig?

For example, if you have chosen a wig from us but are not yet sure if it is the right one, we will gladly reserve the model for a week.

What does Root Color mean in the colour specification?

The hair changes colour along its length.
The hairline has a different colour than the rest of the hair.

Can wigs be worn in the sauna?

You should avoid this, it damages every wig.
However, if you wear wigs regularly, you surely own several wigs, use a slightly older wig for this purpose.

Can I dry wigs?

No debe utilizar un secador de pelo para secar y peinar la peluca.
Si utilizas un secador de pelo, ponlo a baja temperatura.
Los modelos con fibras de alta tecnología pueden secarse con secador.
¡Nunca use una cabeza de poliestireno para esto!

Can I leave my wig with you in care?

We don't offer that. Please note our care products.

Does the sun damage the wig?

Hardly at all, but after a long time the hair becomes a little lighter.

Can a wig be worn to sport?

Short-haired wigs can be worn for sports without any problems, but long-haired wigs are less suitable.

Do you have all the wig models on offer in stock?

With thousands of possible wig models, it is not possible for us to have all models in stock.

What is the optimal storage of a wig?

Wigs should be stored at normal room temperature and humidity in the dark. It is best to use a wig stand so that air can circulate.

Can I change the style of my wig?

We recommend changing as little as possible on a wig. All models are designed by stylists, so the look is optimised with the style.

Can I style wigs?

To a limited extent, yes, but each model should be altered as little as possible.
Models with high-tech fibres can be blow-dried.

Are there different wig sizes?

Most women's wigs are made in one size, which roughly corresponds to a head circumference of 55 cm. Men's wigs are about 57 cm.
Individual models are available in larger or smaller sizes.
For wigs in small head sizes, the name often includes "small" or "small".
For wigs in large head sizes, the name often includes "large" or "big".
All wigs can be easily adjusted in size at the nape of the neck.

Where can I find toupets?

We carry a few men's wigs, as well as individual men's toupees.

How do I determine my head circumference?

The head circumference corresponds to the hat size and is measured in centimetres.

Do you have experience with transgender?

We have some transgender people as clients.

Do you have experience with trichotillomania?

We have some clients with trichotillomania.

Is VAT included in the prices?

All prices in Swiss francs already include VAT.
Prices in euros do not include VAT, as it varies from country to country. For deliveries abroad, the postal service will charge VAT in addition.
For example, Germany: 19 % VAT.

Does a wig hold up in strong wind?

A well-fitting wig will hold even in strong winds. If you feel insecure, you can tighten the adjustment straps a little tighter.

What is the best way to take my wig on a travel?

Human hair wigs should be transported on a wig head.
Synthetic wigs can be transported in a hair net and wrapped in tissue paper for a few hours in a suitcase and then stored on a wig stand.
In the case of extremely long wigs, it is advantageous to tie the hair into a plait.

For reasons of hygiene, no exchange on any product!


Application aids the AHV (Age: over 65 years)
Registration for adults: Tools of IV (Age: under 65 years)