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Wig: Gisela Mayer, Luna Lace

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Brand:Gisela MayerLine:New Generation  
Model:Luna Lace   Length:Shoulder-length
Price:509.00 CHF(442.00 EUR)   Kind:corrugated


The Luna Lace model embodies a classic long hair wig with straight hair.

Inspired by the catwalks in Paris and Milan, Ingo Mayer designed an extraordinary wig collection
for the self-confident and modern woman.
This young line celebrates the symbiosis between “trendy haircuts” and spectacular colors. With the new colors we created an inspiration to express the diverse but individual style feeling of young women.

Available colors

For a Order, click the corresponding color indication.

Attention: the color patterns give only an idea of the actual colors!

preloadColor: 4/64/6

dark brown, espresso mix

preloadColor: 8/6/278/6/27

durchgesträhnt, havana mix, chocolate mix

preloadColor: 10/16/27+1010/16/27+10

bernstein  Root

preloadColor: 12/14/26+1212/14/26+12

dark ash blond, dark vanilla  Root

preloadColor: 27/4-427/4-4

dark haselnut / chocolate hazelnut

preloadColor: 33/29/27+633/29/27+6

safran red rooted  Root

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