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Wig: Gisela Mayer, Iris Large


Brand: Gisela Mayer

Line: New Generation

Model: Iris Large

Price: 419.00 CHF   (364.00 EUR)

Length: Shoulder-length

Kind: corrugated

Hair filler  Synthetic hair   Weft  Film base  Two-Tone wig  

Head circumference: ~ 57 cm, Hair length: ~ 30 cm,

The Iris Large wig is made for a larger head size.

Gisela Mayer also offers a considerable selection of wigs in large sizes. Often these are larger models of popular wigs. These wigs can usually be recognized by their name, which includes the term "large".
Some of these wigs can also be used as a men’s wig.

Inspired by the catwalks in Paris and Milan, Ingo Mayer designed an extraordinary wig collection
for the self-confident and modern woman.
This young line celebrates the symbiosis between “trendy haircuts” and spectacular colors. With the new colors we created an inspiration to express the diverse but individual style feeling of young women.

Available colors

For a Order, click the corresponding color indication.

Attention: the color patterns give only an idea of the actual colors!

1B schwarz, off black

4/6 dark brown, espresso mix

12/14/26+12 dark ash blond, dark vanilla

26/25 vanilla butter

27/4-4 dark haselnut / chocolate hazelnut

33/29/27+6 safran red rooted

Product review: 4.00 Sterne, 2 Reviews.

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