Lettering Barberia

Ladies and Mr. Coiffeur

Birmensdorferstrasse 155, CH - 8003 Zurich
Phone: +41 44 463 46 50

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Bestellformular für Toppik
ProduktRegular Size
12 g
Economy Size
27.5 g
TOPPIKblack39.00 CHF69.00 CHF
TOPPIKdark brown39.00 CHF69.00 CHF
TOPPIKmedium brown39.00 CHF69.00 CHF
TOPPIKlight brown39.00 CHF69.00 CHF
TOPPIKmedium blond39.00 CHF69.00 CHF
TOPPIKlight blond39.00 CHF69.00 CHF
TOPPIKauburn39.00 CHF69.00 CHF
TOPPIKgray39.00 CHF69.00 CHF
TOPPIKwhite39.00 CHF69.00 CHF
Applikator25.00 CHF 
Optimizer8.20 CHF 
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