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Revlon, color tableDE FR IT ES 

All existing in Revlon color names.
The comparable colors are grouped and where possible with a color pattern that enstspricht colors in about.
Behind the color designations follow at best the colors according to German and / or English.

2/4R espresso

4/6R coffee bean, dark brown

637T 6/33/27, rum raisin

8R mittelbraun, hellbraun, chestnut

8/16TR java blast


9R chocolate

9/14C fudge ripple, light brown / medium bl.

10R walnut, medium brown

10/130TR mittelbraun

12R light brown, pecan

14/26R ginger mist

14/263TR champagne blush

18/22R snowy mink

24/14R fire'n ice

24/18T buttered toast, frosted, medium blond

33R kastanie, auburn, bordeaux

33/32C cerry cola, auburn mix

33/32T wild fire

38R grau, smoke

51R grau, pewter mist

56R grau, silver lining


92R grau, snow fall

123T 22/26/27, toastet chestnut

223R sunlit beige

223/23C sugar cookie

263R golden glaze, dark blond

386R grau, moon shadow

446R charcoal mist

601R grau, platinum mist

747T rootbeer

829H sepia