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Recommendations for wig care

A few recommendations and tips for successful wig care.

  1. To wash the hair piece, it is best to put it in a hairnet.

  2. Synthetic hair needs different kind of care than real hair because synthetic fibres do not have a cuticle layer, which absorbs normal hair shampoo. Use a small amount of special shampoo for synthetic hair, wigs and hair pieces in a cool or cold water sink and move the hair parts back and forth gently. Never rub during this process!
    Never use hot water!

  3. Rinse the hair piece carefully in cool, clean water and let it dry only in open air. Do not use a hair dryer, curling iron or similar drying devices!
    Tip: Our wig stand, thanks to its «open» design, is particularly well suited for drying since this facilitates excellent air circulation.

  4. Do not bring the hair near heat or open flame.

  5. Never comb wigs and hairpieces while they are still wet!

  6. Wash your hairpiece as little as possible, but as often as necessary!

  7. When combing and styling it, try not to use sharp-edged tools! Here, the synthetic hair behaves quite similar to human hair: Due to strong «mechanical» intervention, the surface or structure could rather get damaged.

  8. Use and application of care products:
The high-quality special fibres often need other care products than natural hair! Therefore, use only special care products such as the ones mentioned below. This skin care series is specially designed for the special fibres and helps maintain and protect these optimally.


    Dirt, sweat and sebum residues are present mainly in the cap in second hair. They form "deposits" mostly in the form of a slightly tacky film, which can be removed only with great difficulty. In dark-coloured hair, this film can become relatively quickly visible in the form of a «whitish» shimmer. The shampoo has been specially developed for cleansing of high quality wigs and cleans them thoroughly and gently, removing the dirt automatically.


    Gives your wig a shine and makes it feel soft and easy to comb. Balm provides certain ingredients to the wig, contains colour pigments and helps the fibres get back their «life». The additional antistatic surface protection prevents electric charging or heating due to friction. Immerse your wig after every wash in balsam and do not rinse your wig again so that the surface protection is maintained. The reasons for using balm are basically the same as with real hair.

    Spray form

    Normal hairspray has to be avoided because there are hairsprays for which the residues can hardly be removed in synthetic hair! Such residues can then only be removed with special steam devices, which would strain the wig.

  9. Wig on vacation: Especially on seaside holidays, you wouldn't want any wigs!
    If you are forced to rely on your wig, we recommend that you carry the wig you "have taken off" or to just keep it safe, before disposing it of hastily!

  10. The special fibres can neither be neither dyed nor tinted!

If you take the above-mentioned care tips into consideration, you will certainly be happy for longer with your wig.

We hope that you will have a good time with our wig!

No exchange on hairpieces and wigs!
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