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Brand: Gisela Mayer

Line: Fashion Classic

Model: Ginger Comfort Lace

Price: 539.00 CHF   (477.00 EUR)

Lenght: Shorthair

Kind: stretched

Hair filler  Synthetic hair   Weft  Film base  

Available colors

For a Order, click the corresponding color indication.

Attention: the color patterns give only an idea of the actual colors!

4mittelbraun, cappucino, dark brown

8/14 light chestnut br. tipped honey blond

L12 golden brown

14/26R ginger mist

23/22+14 champagne

27/4-4 dark haselnut / chocolate hazelnut

29/33-6 auburn mist

33/130/2 auburn mix

38 smoke, dark grey

60weiss, silver grey, light grey

305K three tone grey

713mittelblond, spring honey

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