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Wig: Gisela Mayer, Visconti Extra Cut Mono Lace


Brand: Gisela Mayer

Line: Visconti

Model: Visconti Extra Cut Mono Lace

Price: 649.00 CHF   (563.00 EUR)

Length: Shorthair

Kind: corrugated

Hair filler  Synthetic hair  Monofilament   Hand knotted  Two-Tone wig  

In the Andrea Visconti Collection by Gisela Mayer there are not only popular models but also innovations that simply inspire.
The collection is young, elegant and modern. Timeless cuts in current color trends leave nothing to be desired.

Available colors

For a Order, click the corresponding color indication.

Attention: the color patterns give only an idea of the actual colors!

4/6 dark brown, espresso mix

10/16/27+10 bernstein

GL119 Dreierton grau

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