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Wig: Gisela Mayer, Sylvana Mono Lace Small


Brand: Gisela Mayer

Line: Classic

Model: Sylvana Mono Lace Small

Price: 549.00 CHF   (476.00 EUR)

Length: Shoulder-length

Kind: stretched

Hair filler  Synthetic hair  Monofilament  Film base  

Head circumference: ~ 53.5 cm,

Gisela Mayer also has a considerable selection of wigs in small sizes in her range. Often these are smaller models of popular wigs. These wigs can usually be recognized by their name, which includes the term "small".
Some of these wigs can also be used as children’s wigs.

All the classic wig models by Gisela Mayer are combined in the "Classic Collection".
Models of convincing quality, with rather conservative haircuts and natural colors.

Available colors

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Attention: the color patterns give only an idea of the actual colors!

L4 mittelbraun, cappucino, dark brown

Product review: 4.00 Sterne, 4 Reviews.

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