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Wig: Sentoo, Amber

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Color ring:SKind:stretched

Artificial headpieces mimicking naturally grown hair.
  Real hairReal hair
Natural hair, mostly from India. Real hair requires intensive care, similar to your natural hair. It is used less and less because synthetic hair provides more benefits.
Real hair wigs could (where possible!) be coloured, like natural hair. Real hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic hair wigs.
  Double monofilamentDouble monofilament
It is like a monofilament, but has a second fine mesh. This makes the wig more skin-friendly.
Very fine mesh insert on the top of the head part of the wig, in which the hairs are attached directly so that the wig cannot be seen by looking at the scalp.
This also gives you the possibility to set the crown as desired.
Only high-quality wigs have a monofilament.
  Hand knottedHand knotted
Hand-knotted wigs are qualitatively the best. They are made entirely by hand. Hand-knotted wigs are mainly worn by people who are dependent on a wig.
  Film baseFilm base
Like lace front.
The newest! With normal wigs, the forehead hairline is always the problem. The hair should be styled such that it is not visible. Wigs with lace front have a monofilament application up to the forehead. This is so fine that no part of the wig can be seen on the forehead hairline. With a lace front, hairstyles are possible since even the front hairline is visible.

Head circumference: ~ 53 - 54 cm, Hair length: ~ 40 - 45 cm, Cranial region: ~ 35 cm, Pony: ~ 35 cm, Side / back of the head: ~ 36 cm, Neck: ~ 33 cm,

Pony angeschnitten.

The outfit of the AMBER model is made from a double mono top. The wig is hand-knotted. The film approach of the wig also allows you to styling "out of the face".
A softly padded neck ensures perfect wearing comfort.

Sentoo Creative wigs are made from real hair or from a high-quality flexi fiber, a heat-resistant synthetic fiber.
The alternative to normal synthetic hair.

Available colors

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Attention: the color patterns give only an idea of the actual colors!

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