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Terms in shippingDE FR IT ES 

All our prices are net prices. Discounts can not be granted.

All our products come from well-qualified brand manufacturers.
There never are products are seconds or faulty goods.

Before shipment our products are individually tested so that they arrive in perfect condition for customers.

The on-screen colors give only the approximate effective colors. For technical reasons, can not be an exact color name.

The delivery time is normally 5 - 10 working days from receipt of payment.

Should the delivery time be exceptionally over 15 working days, we will inform you via email.

Usually done no partial deliveries.

If a single product is no longer available, we will inform you that with immediate.
You can choose another product. Is this expensive, so you pay us advance the difference, it is cheaper, we will refund the difference.
We can send you all the amount paid to your account from which the payment was made, back.

It will be shipped no view broadcasts. An exchange is not possible.

The shipping cost is uniformly 15 .-- CHF.
From a value of 250 .-- CHF receive sank east freely.

A shipment is performed only against advance payment. Given the following options are given:

    Payment on our PostFinance account


    WIR, 80% (only in Switzerland)

We will get back your order because the acceptance of the package will be refused, or the package is not picked up at the post office, we will send the ordered only after the repeated transfer of 15 .-- CHF again.
Otherwise, we transferred back your your payment. We will charge you for our activities: the postage plus an additional 10% of the value of which at least 25 .-- CHF.

We accept no liability for consequential damage may result from incorrect, non-execution or late delivery.

Swiss law is applicable with jurisdiction Zurich.

We recommend that you only use our online offer, if you are already familiar with wigs / hairpieces.

Cookies are used on our websites. This serves us to statistically evaluate the visitor behavior. They are recognized as customers, eg for their favorites.

We work hard to update our offer continuously. Nevertheless, it is possible that incorrect data are available.